Review: ‘Kabli Pulao’ Has The Potential To Satisfy Our Dramatic Cravings!

Kashif Nisar…Naam Hi Kafi Hai! ‘O Rangreza’, ‘Dar Si Jati Hai Sila’, ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’, ‘Raqeeb Se’, ‘Dil Na Umeed Tau Nahi’ are some of the shining stars in his immaculate portfolio. Over the years the director has earned a reputation that a project helmed by him is a must watch. Before its launch, Green Entertainment released a plethora of initial promos. One which caught our attention was ‘Kabli Pulao’, an unconventional collision of two worlds with a classic old PTV touch. Penned by Zafar Mairaj, ‘Kabli Pulao’ also generated great hype due to the soulful OST sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

We at Pakistani Cinema watched the first two episodes and here’s what we think about ‘Kabli Pulao’.

‘Kabli Pulao’: The Story So Far

We are introduced to Haji Mushtaq (Mohammed Ehteshamuddin) a cloth merchant with generous and sincere intentions. Haji is a god-fearing person and his motto in life is to serve Islam. Hailing from a stable family background, Haji got orphaned during his early childhood. He grew up supporting her mother and financially supported his siblings too.

Haji comes across an Afghan refugee who seeks help for his widowed sister who wants to marry a person who can bear the expenses of his brother’s leg injury. Haji agrees to do the needful without the intention to marry her. Haji’s life takes a drastic turn when Barbeena (Sabeena Farooq) visits his place and expresses her desire to marry him. The former tries his level best to get rid of the scenario but surrenders due to Barbeena’s desperation.

As the story progresses, Haji rushes to attend a family wedding, he has no choice but to take Barbeena with her. Haji hides his Nikah from his family and introduces her as a house help. The family members begin to speculate, some of the men gaze at her with hints of lust. The women label her as a spy. There’s also a scene where Barbeena talks about her deceased husband Baaran. The two were childhood friends and how Baaran put everything at stake to marry her.

The Unconventional Pairing Works

The odd pairing of an Afghan widow and a middle-aged man is rarely seen on TV and it works so far. Haji and Barbeena haven’t opened up completely but together they bring to the table a certain aesthetic feel that comes across as refreshing. We hope that Nisar has squeezed the best from the protagonist and we would love to watch it in the upcoming episodes.

The Magic of Kashif Nisar

As expected Nisar’s directions are supreme.  He takes his time to establish the characters and depicts the Afghan element with authenticity. One gets goosebumps watching the introduction scene of Barbeena. It’s shot brilliantly. Every character has its arch and every scene has a purpose that eventually leaves an impact. Despite an intriguing premise, he handles the comic portions very well. It’s hard to pick flaws and he deserves distinction marks for that.

Class Acts

Mohammed Ehteshamuddin’s casting is spot on. We have seen him in several memorable acts over the years. But here, it’s impressive to see him silently communicating with his eyes. Sabeena Farooq is in top form, First ‘Tere Bin’ and now ‘Kabli Pulao’, she proves that she is one of the most promising actors today. She excels in portraying the young widow and gets the right kind of innocence required for this part. The supporting actors Adnan Shah Tipu, Nadia Afghan, and Saqib Sameer leave a mark.

Our Verdict So Far

‘Kabli Pulao’ rests on an unconventional plot. It is embellished with terrific performances and well-executed scenes. For all those craving for a scrumptious treat, ‘Kabli Pulao’ has the potential to satisfy their dramatic cravings. This one is a “lambi race ka ghoda” and we are pinning high hopes with this one.

Written by Ozair Majeed

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