Immerse Yourself In The Musical Brilliance Of Sajjad Ali’s ‘Chal Chaliye’

The kids of the 90’s era can relate big time to the magic of Sajjad Ali’s vocals. The singer makes a prominent comeback in the international music franchise with ‘Chal Chaliye’. The song conveys and encourages one to be himself, pursue dreams and overcome the hurdles and challenges of life. The opening of the song is spectacular, bustling cityscape, train whistles with a pre-partition setup.

The imagery is rich, colorful and beautiful; the song draws a picture of a man convincing a woman to break the shackles and live life to the fullest. The visuals then turn vibrant and we see Sajjad Ali and listen to his powerful vocals. Farheen Raza Jaffry has a brief appearance, she’s full of life, but a bit hesitant in comparison to Sajjad’s confident avatar.

The melody and beats are catchy and trendy. The song starts on a slow note but picks up as it progresses. The arrangement, with its blend of traditional and contemporary elements, adds layers of complexity to the music, creating a soundscape that is both dynamic and immersive. One of the most striking aspects of Ali’s performance is his ability to evoke a range of emotions in the listeners. He effortlessly navigates the intricate melodies, infusing each note with depth.

Summing it up, the sixth song of Coke Studio Pakistan Season 15, ‘Chal Chaliye’ is nothing short of extraordinary. Sajjad Ali once again succeeds in delivering a performance that is both captivating and unforgettable.

‘Chal Chaliye’ is curated, produced and arranged by Xulfi, with art direction by Hashim Ali. Checkout the song here:

Written by Ozair Majeed

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