Video: Sakina Samo Unveils Trailer of “Intezar”, Film Releases in March

Sakina Samo unveiled the teaser for “Intezar” a few days ago on the 1st of February. The film seems to center on death, the ascension to Heaven, and the duties of children towards their parents. The latter focus of the film reminds one of “Cake” in that regard, but it’s clear that Intezar is a very different project.

“Intezar” is written by Bee Gul and is directed by Sakina Samo. It stars Samina Ahmed, Khalid Ahmed, Kaif Ghaznavi and Adnan Jaffar. Film is slated for release on 20th March, 2020 across Pakistan by Distribution Club.

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Writer Bee Gul Believes ‘Intezar’ has a Global Appeal

A week has passed since Sakina Samo unveiled the poster of her debut directorial feature, ” Intezar “. The poster features two people, one standing upright and the other sitting in a wheelchair, standing on a dock, looking out across the horizon of a massive lake below a few wisps of cloud and a sunlit sky.

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