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“Record”, a Local Found Footage Thriller Set for Release in February

“Record” is Pakistan’s latest offering to the horror genre, specifically the found footage genre. The film follows a crew of paranormal researchers and explorers that are exploring an abandoned building.

The crew is shown to carry a lot of equipment to detect ghosts and spirits. However, the assignment gets to be too much for them as things escalate during the night.

Record seems to be taking its cue from cult hits like the Blair Witch Project and its sequel Blair Witch. Whether it will be able to make the similar of impact in Pakistan is yet to be seen.

The film stars Srha Asghar, Inayat Khan, Mahrukh Rizvi and Faisal Akhtar. Film is directed by Kashif Khan and Asad Siddiki. “Record” releases in cinemas on 28th February, 2020.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood

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