Zindagi Tamasha Screening Arranged on March 16th for Senate Committe

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Zindagi Tamasha was supposed to be released to the public on January 24, 2020. However, the controversy against it prevented it from being released even after it was cleared twice by multiple censor boards. The controversy emerged after threats were issued to director Sarmad Sultan Khoosat.

It also emerged that a certain official had taken undue advantage of his position and stopped the film from release. According to the Sindh Film Censor Board (SFCB), a man by the name of Mushtaq Ahmed Jatoi was responsible for some of the mess. He “looks after” the work of the Secretary of the SFCB and has indulged in acts that defy laid down rules. He deliberately talked to cinema owners and distributors without approval for restrictions on the film.

After the film was prevented from being released, a February screening was even arranged for the CII to review the film. However, the screening never took place. Now the Senate Function Human Rights Committee is screening the film on March 16th without the audience of the CII. The CII has accepted that decision without question.
Chaired by PPP Senator Mustafa Khokhar, the Committee has conducted an in-camera briefing regarding the film as well. By the details of the briefing, nothing objectionable was found to be in the film.

If the March 16th screening goes well, Zindagi Tamasha may yet see the light of day.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood

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