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5 Pakistani Films You Can Watch on YouTube This Weekend

Approximately a hundred films have been released from Pakistan since the new wave began in 2007 with Khuda Kay Liye. A majority of them are not available on any streaming platform or physical media unfortunately. However, here are 5 Pakistani films available on YouTube that you can watch today.

1. Zindagi Tamasha

Zindagi Tamasha made it through a whirlwind of controversy, libel and anticipation to finally release on YouTube after many years. It’s a story about how individuals are made to conform, how the shackles of society can never leave you be, and how we assume things about people that we have no right to.

This is Sarmad Khoosat’s labour of lve and you can watch Zindagi Tamasha here

2. Durj

Durj is inspired by the many incidents of cannibalism that have occurred in Pakistan. Based on the premise that there are no laws that can actually punish the crime on the books, it follows the lives of 2 cannibals who are trying to carve out a life for themselves in the barren desert landscapes. Starring Shamoon Abbasi and an incredible Sherry Shah, the film is unique to say the least.

You can watch Durj here.

3. Shah

Syed Hussain Shah remains Pakistan’s only Olympian boxer. He won the Bronze at the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and became a national hero. He was awarded the Sitara e Imtiaz and several other honours, but he was soon forgotten. He rose from the streets in Lyari and after achieving the heights of success, came back to living on the streets.

Today, he is teaching future athletes in Japan. Shah is his biopic. And it packs a big punch. It is directed by, and stars Adnan Sarwar.

You can watch Shah here.

4. Na Maloom Afraad

Na Maloom Afraad was Fizza Ali Meerza and Nabeel Qureshi’s explosive debut. Inspired from the ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ which were often blamed for the chaos in Karachi, the film is a rollercoaster about 3 friends who want to exploit that chaos to get rich. Starring Javed Sheikh, Fahad Mustafa, and Mohsin Abbas Haider, the film became a firecracker at the box office and launched one of the biggest Pakistani studios.

You can watch Na Maloom Afraad here.

5. Ramchand Pakistani

Ramchand Pakistani was Mehreen Jabbar’s debut on the silver screen. This film starring Indian actress Nandita Das, Maria Wasti, Nouman Ijaz, and Rashid Farooqui is a somber tale of a child who mistakenly crosses the border from Pakistan into India. The film is different in that it shows a Pakistani Hindu family and their struggles to overcome these troubles.

You can watch Ramchand Pakistani here.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood

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