Trailer of ” Pinky Memsaab” adds substance to the film

Pinky Memsaab Movie Review

In a fledgling industry like ours where most of the filmmakers want to play safe by resorting to rom coms and justifiably so considering the financial ramifications and other countless constraints, we are glad to have certain filmmakers who are ready to make films off the beaten track and hence experiment with various genres. One such film is ” Pinky Memsab “, which we covered in our earlier spaces here and now that the film’s trailer is released we kind of feel that the little excitement surrounding this indie project is genuine.

This Hajra Yamin and Kiran Malik starer project looks like another feather in the cap of our brand of Pakistani serious cinema. The film has some grey shades coupled with aptly placed characters and their performances, peppered with mystery, guilt and more importantly an element of self discovery as far as the key characters are concerned.

The trailer seems to revolve around Pinky ( Hajra Yamin ‘s character) and her employer, Mehr ( Kiran Malik ) and how their lives affect each other. The trailer hints at the journey of these two women from different backgrounds with different aspirations and the type of people they meet in their respective lives. While Pinky seems like an ambitious yet naive young woman, her counterpart is a strong independent woman with insecurities and aspirations of her own, one being becoming a writer. The trailer ends on a philosophical note albeit a simple one, translating as “all that glitters is not gold”. While the music sounds soulful enough the same can’t be said about other technicalities of the film especially its cinematography and overall scale but considering the genre of the film such departments aren’t always at the centre stage.

Directed by Shazia Ali Khan the story of ” Pinky Memsaab ” hits theatres across Pakistan on 7th December 2018 while an international release is also on the cards.

We at wish the team all the best for the film and hope it works well at both critical and commercial levels.

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