Title track of “Laal Kabootar” Raises Our Expectations from the Movie!

Ever wondered how the streets of Karachi would sound when translated to songwriting and music? You will find your answer in Laal Kabootar’s title track. With catchy, street-smart lyrics like “Sala Hut Ab mujhse bach, Laal Kabootar Magarmuch” the song will make an impression on you when you listen to it for the first time. And the icing on the cake is its gritty, violence laced video that will give you an authentic flavor of the bullet ridden frames of “Laal Kabootar”.

The video contains some never before seen scenes from the film, that show Ahmad Ali Akbar running through narrow alleys and criss-crossing his path with the police and of course, Mansha Pasha, as the groovy beats composed by Taha Malik, pulsate in the background.

There are enough edgy and somewhat surreal frames in the video to put you off balance, and that is exactly what director Kamaal Khan has set out to do here, and parts of the montage reminds you of his award winning Desert Journey video. One thing is for sure, that the film will showcase the talents of its lead actors in a way that has never happened before. Both Ahmad and Mansha look their part and seem to be doing a stellar job as far as acting is concerned.

The song and its video raises the bar as far as soundtracks are concerned. “Laal Kabootar” releases this Friday, and we hope that like us, you too will be counting the seconds till you can catch its first show!

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