Is Badlaan Really a Copy of Some Old Song

Is ‘Badlaan’ Really a Copy of Some Old Song? Saqib Malik Answers

One sign of a thriving industry is an inflow of film and song remakes, sequels, controversies and all the buzz that comes along with it. While everything about our industry was a dull affair during the first decade of this century, however the second one has had the wheel rolling  bringing with it things you associate with an industry that is alive, things that make people speak and connect dots.

One case being “The Legend of Maula Jatt” which is  fighting a battle with the makers of the original “Maula Jatt” to find a release. Another one is the  latest offering from one of the most anticipated films of the year ”Baaji”.

The melodious song ‘Badlaan‘ featuring the angelic voice of Zeb Bangish has raised some eyebrows. While most of us were appreciating the song and the way it has been shot, some who are well versed with the history of cinema started drawing comparisons of this one with a song from 1977’s Punjabi film ”Danka”  showing disappointment with the makers of this “Baaji” for not giving the due credit to makers of the old one.

You can check out the old song here:

This made us reach out Saqib Malik himself to clarify whether the song was a remake of the original and here’s what he said in response,

”This one is not a remake at all. The lyrics for the most part are new including the tune. Only the main refrain is similar in words (but not the same) as the song mentioned above was ‘Guddi Wangon Aj Mainu Sajna‘ while this one is ‘Badlaan wich Aj Mainu  Guddi Wanngon‘. This is a poetic license as it’s a familiar term in Punjabi”

He further added,

”Badlaan is a ballad and very soft on the ears because of its acoustic sound, while ‘Udaai Jaa‘ was a much louder song, much heavier in its arrangement as it was created for a filmi Mujra situation”

The two released songs from the film’s album, ‘Khilti Kali‘ and ‘Badlaan‘ have successfully garnered the appreciation from fans and media alike and now we are looking forward to the next song ‘Gangster Guriya‘ that will be out this Wednesday.

Baaji” releases in cinemas on June 28.

Ghulam Qadir

Written by Ghulam Qadir

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