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Project Ghazi’s Brand New Trailer: In one word, SPECTACULAR!

PakistaniCinema has a strict policy of not using caps in its headlines. However we are bypassing that for this piece to review Project Ghazi’s trailer, since it is something that has never been seen before in Pakistan, and surpasses our expectations by miles.

Beginning with shots of snow capped mountains, possibly in the Himalayas, some soldiers are shown trekking before it is revealed that all of them died during their mission. The dialogue between Shehryar Munawwar and Humayun Saeed hints that Shehryar’s father was part of the mission, and that he gave his life to save Humayun’s.

The focus then moves to Shehryar Munawwar’s character. He has a strong patriotic desire to serve his country, and Humayun is mentoring him on how an evil force is targeting the country’s most capable men. Qataan (played by the talented Adnan Jaffar) is that evil persona, who has dangerous designs to create chaos and destruction in Karachi and indeed all over the country. In between impressive VFX including shots of a robotics lab and low-flying fighter aircraft, we are introduced to Syra Shehroz’s character, possibly a scientist, interacting with Shehryar. And finally, we see our protagonist facing and clashing with Qataan, mouthing some impressive lines about the fight between good and evil – which is pretty much the staple for superhero movies.

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Now over to the technicalities. The production quality looks super impressive, and the entire cast seems to perfectly fit their characters. The trailer has numerous shots of aircraft theatrics, robotic arms and other sci-fi equipment, and all of these seem to be realistically rendered.  The one person that gives the trailer an edge is no doubt the superstar Humayun Saeed, who brings on screen a seriousness and class which only few actors in the country can. Shehryar Munawar too shines in his role. Adnan Jaffar looks suitably evil while Syra Shehroz seems to be working her on screen magic, especially in the fight sequences.

It seems the almost two year post production that the film went through has paid rich dividends. Project Ghazi will no doubt be a must see, not only because of its star studded cast and VFX, but also because it seems to have a gripping narrative.

“Project Ghazi” will release in cinemas across Pakistan by Distribution Club (IMGC) on March 22.

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