Imran Raza Kazmi Interview Heer Maan Jaa

Sticking to Hareem for Third Time as Lead Actress, Imran Raza Kazmi Reveals Why!

Imran Raza Kazmi with the films like “Siyaah”, “Janaan”, Parchi” and now upcoming “Heer Maan Ja”, is soaring new heights in Pakistani cinema. His whirl on a whirligig in the industry reflects the endowment, diligence, persistence and a keen observation of the audience and after giving hits like “Janaan” and “Parchi” no one expects any less from him.

IRK Films and Arif Lakhani Films have jacked up the anticipation with a mind-blowing trailer of the movie starring gorgeous Hareem Farooq and the very talented Ali Rehman.

The release on the Eid ulAzha’19 made us excited and we talked to Imran Raza Kazmi, the producer of Heer Maan Ja, to know the inside deets on his upcoming Rom-Com.

He says that the plot of Heer Maan Ja was already there in their minds when they were working on Parchi and the thing that excites him about any movie the most is its subliminal messages that it touches delicately and portrays through entertainment.

He believes that this movie will leave its own mark because as every other film of his, this too has something new. As Siyaah was about black magic, Janaan delicately touched the issue of pedophilia, Parchi went against the grain and broke gender stereotype, similarly, Heer Maan Ja will delicately touch honour killing subsumed under entertainment.

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Our curiosity made us ask him about Hareem Farooq as its for the third time she is being casted by him so if he deliberately goes for the stories where Hareem can fit the Heroin part. “I am watching Hareem as an actor since 2007 and I believe she is one of those actors who can fit into any role, also her commitment and devotion towards work makes her a perfect match for any movie. Her punctuality towards work makes us work efficiently within time and invest more on production value, she makes it a safe play for the producer and obviously her acting skills are nothing to doubt on”, answered Imran.

We also asked him if there is any chance in future projects where we would see Hareem just being the producer and giving someone else the chance to play main lead?, to which Imran replied, “Definitely. There will be films where other actresses will get to play female lead and that would make it easier for me as Hareem as co producer is a great support and that way she would be sharing my burden in better way (laughs).”

On being asked about the four films that have been announced for Eid-ul-Adha, if he feel any pressure of going through the mill like “Load Wedding” due to the clutter of movies and also what makes Heer Maan Ja a safe investment among all these four films, this is what Kazmi had to say, “I have a keen eye on the audience and have been observing since so long that there are certain types of movies that work on Eid and that are light-hearted Rom-Coms which give entertainment and takes them away from the tragedies and atrocities of life. Its like an escape from the overwhelming realities of life that they enjoy. We have played safe with the genre and that’s going to be our competitive advantage among all the four releases because as far as I think the other films on Eid are again based on drama and tragedy which the audience kind of avoids on Eid, something that I have concluded from the business of “Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai” and “Load Load Wedding”, the two Eid releases that could have done better if released other than Eid”.

From the first teaser and the confidence of Imran, we’re anticipating another huge hit this Eid ul Azha.

Here is wishing the team Heer Maan Ja, a good fortune at box office!


Written by Fareeha Wahid


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