Mansha Pasha Talks About Her Next Film “Kahay Dil Jidhar”

A household name in Pakistan’s TV industry, Mansha Pasha, made her film debut with 2017’s “Challay Thay Saath”. However, that film didn’t make much of a difference in Mansha’s portfolio. It wasn’t until “Laal Kabootar” happened that she really broke through on the big screen as her performance in this film garnered critical acclaim and admiration from all over.

The crime thriller feature has also been selected as Pakistan’s official submission for Academy awards. We got ahold of Mansha to find out how things have really changed for her since “Laal Kabootar”?

“More than me, the industry has developed and changed! Its an experience unlike any other to evolve as an actor along with the industry itself”, answered Mansha. “As the Industry is growing, more people are gravitating towards it – people who’ve studied from abroad, who are talented and passionate. There is a long way to go – and both our journeys are running parallel to one another”

Mansha has recently been busy with her next film, titled “Kahay Dil Jidhar”. It marks cinema debut of singer-cum-actor Junaid Khan. In Mansha’s words, “The film at it’s core is a feel good, love story. The storyline is non linear – this style of film making is very interesting.”

On being asked about comparing this film with her last release, the “Chalay Thay Saath” actor said that both films are “very different! Kahay Dil Jidhar is an action packed, musical, feel-good slice of entertainment. Whereas my last film (Laal Kabootar) was more of a crime drama – which focused more towards the subtlety of the characters and storylines”.

“Kahay Dil Jidhar” is written and produced by Kamran Bari and is helmed by debutante director Jalaluddin Roomi. The team has already shot most part of the film with only patch work and a song being remaining. The tentative release date is sometime in 2020

Written by Azadar Kazmi


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