Lightingale Records: Ali Zafar Launches Platform to Groom and Launch Young Artists

Lightingale Records: Ali Zafar Launches Platform to Groom and Launch Young Artists

In quite an apperciable move the power house of talent, Ali Zafar has announced to nurture talent of immature young artists under ” Lightingale Records”. With the platform Ali plans to mentor,  and launch atleast ten artists this year.

In the heartfelt announcement “Teefa In Trouble” star emphasized importance of giving the right platform and grooming to young artists saying “Our land is ripe with talent waiting for the slighest opportunity to flourish. However due to lack of importance given to Arts and Humanities in our society we have been unable to develop culture where talent can be nurtured, groomed and guided to reach its true potential”


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Talking about what made him take the initiative, Ali said that he believes that as artists and humans we are intrinsically prone to becoming self indulgent but an artist’s legacy is not just about what he/she achieves but what he helps others achieve ” You are not a star if you cant shine for others” he wrote.

We feel every single word of you Ali. Here’s wishing you best of luck for this much needed initiative .



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