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Teaser : ‘Carma’ Promises A Twisted Ride To The Dark Side

Those of you who thought Pakistani cinema was all about feel-good romantic comedies and candyfloss visuals need to complain no more — check out the minute-long preview of Carma to get a whiff of this upcoming thriller that promises a twisted trip down the dark side. That really creepy, dark side that no film has possibly dared to venture into yet. Yes, to use a cliche, this is edgy.

Or so Kashan Admani, former Mizmaar frontman and the film’s director would have us believe. The clip doesn’t give much away — what we can say for certain is that there is plenty of deliberate shock value here, but the turf is still familiar enough to not put off desi audiences.

Carma is billed as a ‘tale of vengeance’ and there is a lot going in the teaser to decipher what exactly it’s all about. Apparently, the plot revolves around a young professional in Karachi who is kidnapped by a set of not-so-usual goons. However, all is not as it seems — the picture is billed as much more than a simple crime saga or a road flick. Its production team says the non-linear storyline revolves around themes of retribution, vengeance, and deception, and that social issues as disparate as women empowerment, pedophilia, and child labor have been dealt with. While how all of that translates on the silver-screen remains to be seen, what can be said definitively is that the teaser does pique our curiosity quite substantially.

The film stars an eclectic bunch of old and new actors — we spotted Adnan Siddiqui, Osama Tahir, Naveen Waqar, and Zhalay Sarhadi among the set of familiar and unfamiliar faces. Zhalay’s character especially stands out and it seems the Jalaibee actress will be essaying the meaty role of a crime boss who leads a crew of some twisted, eccentric thugs specializing in torture.

Check out Carma‘s teaser and let us know in the comments what you think about it. Stay tuned to for the latest in Pakistani showbiz!

Written by Faisal Ali H

I work as an economist and maintain an active interest in Pakistani cinema.


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