‘’Shams-e-Rumi’’: A Biopic On Rumi To Go On Floors Soon

“Away beyond all concepts of wrong doing and right doing. There is a field, I will meet you there’’

All of us run into the treasure trove of 13th century enigmatic Turkish Persian jurist, theologian and mystic Maulana Jalal -ad-Din Muhammad Rumi every now and then. But despite his poetic works selling to millions in US and worldwide even after 814 years ; the factors that trans figured him into becoming one of the world’s most passionate and profound voices of wisdom remain unplumbed for majority. A reason being, that out of literature, which caters a much lesser audience, Rumi’s life has remained largely unexplored on big screen in spite of enormous potential as a film subject.

While we see Rumi inspiring film makers and artists’ work  throughout the globe ,not many have went a step further to showcase the tale of the man himself referred as Insan-e Kamil — Perfect Man.

In 2016 Hollywood cineastes David Franzoni and Stephen Joel Brown revealed their plan to make a biopic on Rumi but the project seems abandoned as of now. Some other  projects like “Rumi’s Kimia” by Mehrjui, a pioneer of Iran’s new wave cinema and a Turkish-Iranian collaboration on the subject also went dormant due to various reasons.

However “Sham-e-Rumi” a biopic on the eternal Rumi is now in works in Pakistan. According to details revealed the film is based on life, poetry and philosophy of  Sham-i-Tabraiz and his brilliant disciple Mohammad Rumi. To be directed by Fayyaz Idrees the film has a wide horizon of perspective, transcending borders and ethnic divisions.

Presented by Soul Films, and written by renowned poet and playwright Amjad Islam Amjad, who is also the recipient of prestigious Turkish honor ‘Necip Fazil Award’.

Produced by Nadir Tareen and Mahvash Khan the movie is soon to go on floors next month and will be released internationally in 2022.

Keep checking this space for more on the film.

Written by Ghulam Qadir

Ghulam Qadir an Engineer by profession , is a content writer at Pakistani Cinema who aspires to see local cinema ascent to its full potential .
Escaping to the realm of words , films , music and travel is what he does to fight the routine. (Email : [email protected])


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