‘Ishrat: Made in China’: Teaser Unleashes Its Pulp Action Thrills

The teaser of the upcoming movie ‘Ishrat: Made in China’ dropped yesterday and left us wanting to watch more of what the film has to offer. Featuring an ensemble cast with Mohib Mirza (who also directs)  and Sanam Saeed as the two leads, the film has been in production over the last two years and will be Mirza’s comeback vehicle after “Bachaana” and “Arth: The Destination.”

As far as first impressions go, “Ishrat” seems to hold much promise in terms of action choreography and overall production value. The trailer features Mohib Mirza in many different avatars — shaking a leg in a song-and-dance number, fighting his way through an arena filled with some mean looking bosses, and heroically unfurling a flag. And from whatever we saw of Sanam Saeed, she seemed to fit the bill of the glamorous female lead offering the romantic angle.

The film’s budget is quite apparent in the elaborate stunts its preview seems to showcase. ‘Ishrat’ seems to offer some pretty slick looking visuals and features extensive production work done in China. That, along with its action thrills, is likely to be its USP. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Written by Faisal Ali H

I work as an economist and maintain an active interest in Pakistani cinema.


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