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Five Reasons Why ‘Nayab’ Promises to be Ideal Film to Kickstart 2024!

2023 remained a dull year for cinema industry. While few films managed to garner critical acclaim and represent Pakistan on International film festivals, the same enthusiasm remained missing at box office. Now that the year is about to end, we already have a major title ‘Nayab’ slated for release in January. In the current scenario the film, that’s going to mark silver screen debut of Yumna Zaidi, might prove to be the game-changer since it is one of the few films that were announced and completed post-pandemic, a trait others must follow if they want to save the industry.

Releasing on 25th January 2024, ‘Nayab’ is the story of a girl’s cricket dreams, her brother’s past, and the family’s journey which takes place in this coming-of-age story. Not only the film’s first look shared by the lead actress was loved by her Pakistani fans but her fans in India and Bangladesh also ensured that it ended up going viral in no time.

The ‘Bakhtawar’ actress who has been a regular on our TV screens finally took the plunge forward with ‘Nayab’ which features an ensemble cast, a talented duo as the writers, and a director who has proved his worth with his non-film projects.

There are many reasons why one should be looking forward to the film, but here are the top five reasons that are enough to make us rush to theatres to catch the film when it comes out in January.

An Underdog Story Never Gets Old!

‘Nayab’ takes place in the bustling heart of Karachi, where a determined girl Nayab harbors a dream to shatter stereotypes and play cricket for Pakistan, while her once-a-rising-star brother Akber grapples with his present. As they navigate the gritty world of the local cricket scene, their unwavering bond and the city’s chaotic past become their greatest allies in this tale of ambition, resilience, and family.

The film promises to delve deep into the lives of relatable characters facing family, financial, and societal pressures. Yet, at its core, it’s a story of the unbreakable bond between the brother-sister duo of Akber and Nayab. How the two manage to do the unthinkable and the unachievable is what makes this film and this underdog story something to look forward to. Their extraordinary bonding and unwavering support for each other is likely to captivate your heart, making you feel like part of their journey.

Director Umair Nasir Ali has high hopes for the project and he believes that since it’s a pure family entertainer, it will connect with people from all walks of life. He claims that in addition to portraying the emotional rollercoaster of the film’s protagonists, it also offers a sneak peek into the world of female cricket in Pakistan, presenting it on a deeply human level. According to him, all the characters are intricately woven with shades of gray, reflecting the imperfections inherent in all humans. It’s through their journeys that the story unfolds, inviting the audience into a world where cricket takes precedence over everything else.

Yumna Zaidi Finally Making Her Big Screen Debut

She may be the most sought-after TV actress in the country but Yumna Zaidi is yet to prove her mettle in films, and through ‘Nayab’ she has a chance to conquer that frontier. Not only is the film going to be released in Pakistan but across the globe where Yumna’s fans are waiting for it, because through this they will get a chance to watch their favorite actress on the silver screen.

If one takes a look at Yumna Zaidi’s performances over the last five years, she has grown from an extraordinary actress to an unmatchable one. How she manages to carve a separate identity for herself as a girl who loves cricket and who wants to lead the way for others is what the audience is most excited about.

The Ensemble Cast to Die For!

And then there is the ensemble cast. Besides Yumna, TV actor Muhammad Usama will also be making his film debut with Nayab whereas Huma Nawab will make a comeback to films after ‘Mah e Mir’(2016). Add Jawed Sheikh and Mohammad Fawad Khan to the list and you have a cast to die for. They all look in their characters in the motion posters released so far and that’s what makes the audience more interested in the film.

It seems that the script is crafted with meticulous detail, and that’s why all the characters seem to come alive in the motion poster, giving it the authentic look films from this part of the world lack. Each actor brings something new and different to the table – Jawed Sheikh has decades of experience of working in films; Mohammed Fawad Khan is a theatre veteran; Muhammad Usama brings the charm required for the lead character whereas Huma Nawab is likely to bring the motherly love to the fore, for Nayab’s sake.

Cricket and Entertainment is in Our Blood!

With Cricket being another cast member, Nayab is likely to pave the way for sports films in the country, and also in the region. The sport is loved in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and even Afghanistan, and although the film might not be released simultaneously in some of the countries, it might make its way to these countries via OTT release.

Cricket is a thread that connects countries and communities like never before and with the film likely to explore the intricate tapestry of Pakistani society and the aspirations of a determined young millennial girl with big dreams, making it an immersive and emotionally resonant experience for the audience.

The Extremely Talented Screenwriting Duo is Back at the Helm!

Anyone who has seen ‘Laal Kabootar’ (2019) is already looking forward to this film since it brings back the talented duo of Basit Naqvi – Ali Abbas Naqvi. The screenwriting team has also penned the dialogues of ‘Rawalpindi Express’, and since they belong to the current generation, they know exactly what the audience requires.

‘Nayab’ is something purely Pakistani, with songs that resonate with the audience and dialogues that they would take back with them after watching the film. It certainly has the all the ingredients to bring back the families to cinema halls.

Watch Nayab’s official trailer here:

Written by Ghulam Qadir

Ghulam Qadir an Engineer by profession , is a content writer at Pakistani Cinema who aspires to see local cinema ascent to its full potential .
Escaping to the realm of words , films , music and travel is what he does to fight the routine. (Email : [email protected])


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