Exclusive: ‘Crossroads’ Aims To Represent Pakistani Culture And Talent Globally

Rising star Khushhal Khan is one of those rare actors who go all out to showcase their versatility. Be it his supporting act in debut drama ‘Qissa Meherbano Ka’ or playing the lead in ‘Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri’, he shines no matter what. The actor takes a big leap and announced his new project on his Instagram, titled ‘Crossroads’. Created by Dot Republic Media, the project is Pakistan’s first vertically shot film series.

The announcement got us excited and we at Pakistani Cinema got in touch with Rabia Asif (COO) at Dot Republic Media to know more about it.

“ ‘Crossroads’ is Pakistan’s first-ever vertically shot feature film that follows the journey of Burak (Khushhal Khan) and Haya (Mamya Shahjaffar), two individuals from contrasting backgrounds, navigating the complexities of modern relationships and personal growth. Burak is a charismatic tech professional, while Haya plays a dedicated game developer. With past emotional scars, they share a history of unresolved feelings.” Rabia told Pakistani Cinema in an exclusive conversation.

When asked about the idea of filming the show vertically, she said, “It emerged from the rising popularity of short-form content on platforms like TikTok, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts. Also, the increasing popularity of Chinese short dramas was another reason. Therefore recognizing the audience’s growing preference for quick and engaging stories, we aimed to cater to modern viewers with shorter attention spans.”

Elaborating on the above, she added, The shift towards consuming media on mobile devices was also a key factor. By embracing vertical filming, we sought to make the narrative more accessible and visually appealing.”

Speaking about the fresh pairing of Khushhal And Mamya, she said, “The casting of Khushhal and Mamya reflects a carefully considered decision that prioritizes audience connection, talent cultivation, and global appeal. Firstly, their appeal to Gen Z audiences highlights a conscious effort to resonate with the preferences and interests of modern viewers. Both actors are forward-thinking and experimental in their approach, and were enthusiastic about the project when it was first discussed with them. In Pakistan, securing talent for digital projects can be challenging. However, with Khushhal and Mamya, we had in-depth discussions about the content objectives, and both understood how ‘Crossroads’ can be a game changer.”

Concluding the conversation, we were eager to know about the number of episodes, duration, and the platform on which ‘Crossroads’ will air. “There are more than 60 episodes of 75 seconds. It will air on multiple platforms, including shorts, reels, and TikTok, reaching over 2.5 billion drama enthusiasts online. The count will be adjusted according to the format, requirements, and specifications of the platform. Also, the film transcends boundaries by releasing in over 20 languages, with a pioneering blend of AI and human dubbing. ‘Crossroads’ aims to represent Pakistani culture and talent globally.”

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Written by Ozair Majeed


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