Teefa in trouble crosses the 30 crore Benchmark at Pakistani Box Office

The Ali Zafar-Ahsan Rahim duo, previously known for their collaborations in iconic videos such as Channo and Rangeen have managed a rip-roaring entry into the Pakistan cinema scene with their debut production Teefa in Trouble. The movie upstaged the established norms in Pakistan with its humongous opening day, collecting over 2 crores and subsequently went on to consolidate the massive initial with an impressive tally of 7.25 crores on its first weekend. The film hereon showed strong legs, even the election season could not put a damper to its collections. It has managed to hold decently, and only its 5th weekend was affected by the pre-Eid season.

The most current update on the collections of this box office smash is that it managed to cross the 30 crore benchmark on Tuesday, becoming the 3rd Pakistani film (after Punjab Nahi Jaungi and Jawani Phir Nahi Ani) to do so. The congratulates Ali Zafar and the entire Teefa in Trouble team on this remarkable achievement. The film continues its strong run and will be running on many screens during the Eid-ul-Azha season as well. Here’s hoping it continues to shatter records and keep winning new laurels for Pakistani cinema!

The following, according to our source boxofficedetail, are the collections till the 5th weekend

Week One          11.31cr

Week Two          7.48cr

Week Three       5.77cr

Week Four         4.17cr

5th Friday           26lacs

5th Saturday      37lacs

5th Sunday         31lacs

5th Weekend     94lacs

Grand Total        29.67cr

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