Two Pakistani animated feature films to release in theaters this Fall

While Pakistan’s film industry has seen a steady incline in recent years, the animated genre has slowly been making waves of its own. This year saw a couple of animated films like Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor and Tick Tock to name a few and now fall, 2018 will see two major animated releases. Both these films are backed by the top production houses of Pakistan thus giving a major boost to the animated genre.

The first one is titled ‘The Donkey King’ and takes on the life of a donkey named Mangu Mangu Jan Mangu, who dreams of ruling all over the kingdom but is just a “washing machine” by profession. The short teaser provides a glimpse at the joyful story line of this animated film which promises to attract every age group. Produced by Tailsman studios and directed by Aziz Jindani, who has helmed the Commander Safeguard series before, The Donkey King is slated to release on 13th of October 2018 by Geo films.

The second film ‘3 Bahadur: Rise of the Warriors’ is the third film in the 3 Bahadur trilogy and takes forward the story of our three little Heros. The teaser shows that they face bigger threats and challenges this time around and for that they make new allies in the form a monkey who can talk and an orange haired warrior named ‘Erma’. This part promises to be bigger and better as highlighted in the teaser. Mehwish Hayat also joins the already impressive voice cast of the series adding star value to this sequel. 3 Bahadur: Rise of Warriors is scheduled to release in theaters in December 2018 by ARY films

With two major urdu language animated films, this fall is already being awaited by children and with winter vocations we can also expect any of this film to break all time box office records of animated films in Pakistan.

Hamza Bin Khalid

Written by Hamza Bin Khalid

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