Jawani Phir Nahi Aani 2 Leads with solid figures from the overseas during the Eid week

As we had predicted earlier, Jawani Phir Nahi Aani 2 (JPNA 2) was set for a good opening during the Eid-ul-Azha extended weekend not just in Pakistan, but also overseas. Its prequel received widespread appreciation for its distinctly Pakistani mix of comedy and lighthearted drama, and following its success in theatres, the movie went on to enjoy a healthy run on the satellite and digital platforms too.

The goodwill generated by its predecessor, along with the films star value (Humayun Saeed and Fahad Mustafa are among the top stars) and an engaging trailer resulted in JPNA 2 opening well in the key overseas markets of UAE and UK. On the its first day of release (Tuesday) in the UK, the movie collected UK£ 20,000 (0.3 crores) .

Indicative of how well the movie has been received by the UK audience, the collections of the film jumped to UK£ 47,000 (0.72 crores) on the second day, for a grand total of UK£ 67,000 (over 1 crore) over the two day festive period.

The response in UAE has been even better. JPNA 2 managed to collect Dh 277,000 (0.91 crores) there, and the collections will show a significant jump on day 2.

The Filmwala release Load Wedding collected UK£ 11,000 from 30 sites in the country, while the response in UAE was more subdued with collections of Dh 14,200 (4.7 lacs) on day 1.

M&D Productions Parwaaz Hai Junoon has also enjoyed a decent opening in the overseas, with figures of Dh 97,585 (0.32 crores) on day 1 from the UAE. The figures for remaining markets are awaited.

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