Teaser of “3 Bahadur; Rise of the Warriors” is out and it looks grand

With local film industry displaying a steady and healthy growth in the recent years, the same has been translated and observed in the animated genre as well. Albeit slow, the genre has been creating waves of its own.

With a couple of animated films like Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor and Tick Tock the list is going to get grander this December with the release of a major animated flick which is third installment of the Hit Franchise “3 Bahadur”. The teaser of the latest sequel is released just recently titled “3 Bahadur; Rise of the Warriors”. It was first released in theatres with the prints of JPNA2 and now it’s available online as well.

The teaser clearly shows the obvious and inevitable improvement in the overall production values and scale of the film. Already backed by the top distribution house ARY films and produced by Waadi animations, the film is expected to give a major boost to the animated genre. The animations look sharper, slicker and grander than ever and thankfully so, considering how “Allahyar and the legend of Markhor” has raised the bar for the animation films in Pakistan and animated movie buffs won’t be easy to please post “Allahyar” and that’s what the creators of this sequel seem to have realised already.

The film ‘3 Bahadur: Rise of the Warriors’ takes forward the story of our three little Heroes by showing how they are facing bigger threats and challenges this time and for that they make new allies in the form of a monkey who can talk and an orange haired warrior named ‘Erma’(Voiced by none other than the super star of sliver screen Mehwish Hayat). The sequel promises to be bigger and better as highlighted in the teaser. Apart from Mehwish Hayat, the impressive voice cast of the series also include stars like Fahad mustafa, Sarwat Gillani and Behroz Sabzwari to name a few. This clever line up is surely going to add star value to the much awaited sequel.

The film is scheduled to release in theaters in December 2018 by ARY films and with this, 3 Bahadur series will become the most prolific franchise of Pakistani cinema being the first film to have three installments in its line up. With the imminent success of the franchise at the corner we might not be wrong to expect a fourth installment at the end of this decade. Who knows!! Having said that, with this sequel,”3Bahadur” could earn the series a unique mention in the history of Pakistani cinema revival for whenever 2010 decade would be discussed.

We at wish all the best to the film and hope that it breaks the records of its prequels and proves another milestone in the animated genre of Pakistani cinema.

Written by Hasan Hasan

A Doctor by parents wish,a film buff by his nature's and a traveller depending on the money in his wallet.Hassan finds dissecting films & other Arts more interesting than cadavers in Med school.
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