“The Donkey King is not a political satire”, says Aziz Jindani

Trailer of soon to be released animated flick “The Donkey King” was released few weeks ago and successfully created quite a stir to be frugal about its popularity. While some liked its characters, others amusingly or offensively found it a satire on Pakistan’s establishment and democratic governance. Also the tongue in cheeck dialogue at the end of the trailer, “Gadhy ka gosht to koi gadha e kha sakta hay” offended the people from Punjab for a not-so-good reason. That’s not all, the film is now trending on twiiter for not only these reasons but some have also speculated from the trailer that Imran Khan, the prime ministor of Pakistan may be shown as “Mangu” in the film who is manipulated by some “unseen forces” behind him. Added to this, the association of Geo Films with this project became another reason for some to strengthen their doubts.

We at approached the maker of “The Donkey King”, Mr. Aziz Jindani and asked the very brain behind this animated film to confirm whether it really is a sattire film or not, and this is what he said: “No its not a satire. It’s a family entertainer made with the purpose to simply entertain the audience. We are not trying to make something like “Hum sub umeed sy hein”. The film definitely is an intelligent one but I will ask people to not think of it as a more intelligent film than what it actually is. It’s a Pakistani film so you will get to find a relevance with its characters and the situations but it’s not a satire”

Jindani further adds while asked about the factors he finds responsible for this uproar, “I am surprised to see this twitter trending. I don’t know what actually is responsible for it. I won’t blame the association of Geo’s label with the film for all this misinterpretation. The random videos taken from the trailer are emphasized to give a certain meaning. But I am sure once it releases, the film itself will clear the air by proving all these presumptions wrong”.

When inquired about the probability for overseas release of his film, “See animation is a global language and our story is a basic human story which can be related by people beyond Pakistan” said the director, “but overseas release would largely depend on how well the film gets received in its native country. We have received numerous messages from Qatar, Oman, UAE and other countries but for now we would like the film to hit the domestic market first and elevate its overseas demand”

While asked about his plans of making it a franchise, Aziz said “Yes, the characters of this film are made to last long, there are 12 characters in the film and these characters I am sure are going to stay for long so yes we are definitely planning to make it a franchise and perhaps that’s one of the reasons why we are more eager for its boxoffice outcome”

Taking the conversation further, Aziz was all praises for his cast which constitutes all veteran actors like Javed sheikh, Hina Dilpazir, Irfan Khoosat, Ismail Tara, Ghulam Mohiudin and Rmbo “They all are seasoned actors and have been really kind to us. Not only they were willing to play these characters but also helped us co-create and improvise the characters, like you will get to see a reflection of Rambo in Mangu’s character, the way he speaks” asserts Jindani.

The Donkey King” is all set to hit the theatres nationwide on Otober 13th and we can’t wait to see what the film has in store for us. We at wish the team behind this film all the best.

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Azadar Kazmi

Written by Azadar Kazmi

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