On “Zaraar” & “Pinky Memsaab”: In conversation with Kiran Malik

Those who have been closely following Pakistani music and film tabloids may have noticed a fresh face that’s about to make her mark on the showbiz arena with her multiple projects in pipeline. We are talking about the beauty with brain Kiran Malik who was recently seen in Farhan Saeed’s latest music video “Maula” and has already bagged lead role in Shaan Shahid’s much anticipated film Zarrar and now she is all set to make her big screen debut with Pinky Memsaab. We caught up with Kiran to have an insight to her character in Pinky Memsaab and her other upcoming projects. Here are some excerpts from her conversation with our editor Azadar Kazmi.

Zaraar was announced as your debut film but Pinky Memsaab is releasing first. How you feel about it?

Zaraar was supposed to be my debut film but because of its editing issues and in attempts to make the film more refined, its taking a bit more time than it was expected and inshaAllah it will be releasing somewhere next year. And yes I am very happy with Pinky Memsaab coming out first, not because Zaraar is less important to me. Its just that both films are very dear to my heart and are important to me so whether Zaraar or Pinky Memsaab, whichever gives me debut will make me feel proud”

Tell us something about your role in this film?

“I am playing Mehr in this film. She is struggling in her life yet she is a happy face woman infront of others. I feel it is a very relatable character for many girls out there who will watch the film as we all want to dress up and go to fancy parties but then everyone has ambitions with them which we sometimes can’t fullfil because of our other responsibilities, so it’s a very real character with many layers to it”

What you liked the most about your character “Mehr” in this film?

“What makes this character so much interesting is that it has so many layers, like Mehr is someone who socializes and loves to grab every one’s attention yet sometimes she is a shy woman and likes to stay in her own little shell and that’s what I like about her. It’s a very human character in its core.”

And how different is “Mehr” from the character you have played in Zaraar?

“Both are very different characters. In Zaraar, my character name is also Kiran and I will be seen playing a journalist in that film so that character is more concerned about politics, so yes both characters are very much different and can’t be compared and I will be seen very differently in both projects.”

How has been your experience with this entirely new team of Pinky Memsaab?

“It was a great experience. Specially my director Shazia, I am very fond of her and she has written a very beautiful script. The characters, the dialogues its all so beautiful and there are some scenes which are very close to my heart. So overall it was one great experience for me.”

Lastly, what should people expect from Pinky Memsaab?

“Pinky Memsaab is a real film. The characters in this film are very raw and human and they are going through the situations that every body is facing in their lives. Even when I was doing the film, I found it very much relatable and same way I expect that people who will watch it will be able to relate to film’s characters. And that’s what people should expect from Pinky Memsaab, an engaging story with some beautifully crafted characters.”

Pinky Memsaab is releasing in cinemas across UAE on 6th Dec and across Pakistan on 7th Dec. Here we at wish all the best to Kiran Malik and the team behind this film for its success.

Written by Azadar Kazmi


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