Ali Kazmi: The Star Who Defied Nepotism via His Own Talent

Subcontinent has countless examples where star kids have the luxury of using their parent’s influence as launchpads and even further exploiting such perks as means to further in the industry.
There are however considerable cases where the star kids have proved their mettle using their own talents and hence proving their ability of being the “running horses” of the race.

One such actor is Ali Kazmi with whom we had a tête-à-tête to apprise you of what the actor is up to as Pakistani cinema is steadily moving towards a sustainable revival.

We found ourselves quite elated to found that Ali is appearing in four films of different genres in 2019.

Ali informed us that the roles are quite diverse and include a stint in Karachi based thriller “Laal Kabootar” along with Mansha Pasha and Ahmad Ali, “Altered Skin” which is claimed to be Pakistan’s first dark zombie flick, a pivotal role in Saqib Malik’s “Baji” and a guest appearance in Imran Raza Kazmi’s yet untitled film. With “Laal Kabootar” expected to hit the screens earlier than all of his other projects Ali stated that his role is that of a journalist who is a caring and loving husband.

Ali starred in the critically acclaimed 2018’s biopic “Motorcycle Girl” and played a narcissist expat who is a controlling fiancé. The role earned Ali various accolades but the same year he starred in a forgettable film called “Na Band Na Barati” and everyone kept wondering how could an actor like Ali chose a role and film which had written “disastrous” all over it. Upon inquiring whether he has any regrets of choosing such a film, Ali said:

“I don’t have any regrets at all as this is the best time for Pakistani cinema to experiment. And the project was an experimental one. Unfortunately it had some issues in its production due to which it couldn’t work. I still own the film because I made good friends because of that film and we share a unique bond with each other.”

Ali started his career in Pakistan from TV screen and he starred in various TVCs and drama projects but he then moved to Canada to establish himself as an actor in a completely stranger country. According to Ali, he left Pakistan because he felt he should be establishing his acting career using his own muscle power rather than opting for the easy track where star kids use their parent’s influence to grab acting jobs for themselves.

“I started from the scratch in Canada. I inducted in a film school and then went through extensive workshops and auditions” said the Dobara Phir Se star.

The hard work Ali put in his career in Canada wasn’t fruitless as he worked in various prominent TV series, TVC’s and worked with filmmakers like Deepa Mehta (Beeba Boys) and Angelina Jolie (Bread Winner).

“I had decided that I won’t come back to Pakistan until i establish myself in Canada as an actor and would further pursue my career in Pakistan using my own résumé than my family’s name and influence”

Ali further stated explaining his decision to move back to Pakistan. Moving between Pakistan and Canada, where his family is based, would indeed be a demanding task and how was he managing.
Ali quickly responded that “Work becomes difficult when u make it difficult and since I love my work and have a supporting family, it gets pretty manageable”

On a parting note we inquired Ali about how he feels being part of four Pakistani films next year, Ali stated:

“There is no better feeling than having the opportunity to act in diverse roles. In my twenties, where quality films were rarely made in Pakistan, I had never thought that I would be acting in films in my home country, let alone working in 4 films a year. I am glad to be part of this rising Pakistani cinema and its a huge moment of pride for me.”

Having actors like Ali attached to it, its undoubtedly clear that local cinema has a brighter future ahead. We wish all the best to Ali for his all upcoming projects in 2019.

Written by Hasan Hasan

A Doctor by parents wish,a film buff by his nature's and a traveller depending on the money in his wallet.Hassan finds dissecting films & other Arts more interesting than cadavers in Med school.
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