From the first look : “The legend of Maula Jatt” has all the ingredients to be an epic

There is an aerial shot in “The Legend of Maula jatt” that has recreated the historic Rohtas fort using some quality CGI. So much are the details in the scene that you couldn’t identify the fort to be Rohtas. The film could do the same to the corpus of Pakistani cinema, redefining it in a way that people may change the way they have been looking at it for decades.

Bilal Lashari is ready to recreate what we witnessed in 2013 when a long awaited and much anticipated dark action film in the cinema halls of Pakistan by name of Waar was released.

Waar set the standards so high that actually no notable dark action film followed it in the next five years. But looks like fans of Pakistani cinema are about to witness another piece of history in the making as “The Legend of Maula Jatt” would hit the screens June 2019.

The first look trailer in summary is epically historic. The opening monologue that introduces us to Pakistani cinema’s two most popular characters furthers into sequences which proves that “The Legend of Maula Jatt” isn’t just a remake. About 2 and half minute trailer is dark, gritty, intense and “hottt” to say the least.

Every actor looks in a “never seen before” avatar, whether it is Fawad Khan portraying Maula or Hamza redefining Noori Natt‘s character. The way every character is designed just seem beyond the scope of this article. All we could say is that the claims the makers of “the legend of Maula Jatt” made were not just platitudes. The only thing that looks a bit off is Hamza’s fake beard. Mahira and Humaima personify grace in every scene they appear. There is a dance number picturized on Saima Baloch and even that looks dark just like Waar‘s “Mauje Naina”.

Brian Adler’s presence in the film’s CGI team is something that takes the trailer to another level. It also carries a heavy dose of nostalgia as it shows glimpses of the iconic scenes the original had. It finishes with a scene where Hamza and Fawad charge towards each other in what the trailer aptly labels as the biggest confrontation in Pakistan’s cinema history. The sound design is just what the auditory receptors of a seasoned film aficionado would ask for. The color scheme is every frame is cleverly selected such that nowhere in the video you get any gaudy or caricatural vibe that pop culture in Pakistan in recent past has associated with Punjabi films.

With the first look trailer “The Legend of Maula Jatt” has all our attention and any film that beats the buzz of this epic has to be really larger than life and exceptionally spectacular, which at present has very low probability. We at Pakistani Cinema wishes all the best to team behind this film and we hope it meets all the high expectations that we have attached with this epic.

Written by Hasan Hasan

A Doctor by parents wish,a film buff by his nature's and a traveller depending on the money in his wallet.Hassan finds dissecting films & other Arts more interesting than cadavers in Med school.
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