Mahira Terms “Superstar” a Passion Project, Wishes She Had a Bigger Role in “The Legend of Maula Jatt”

2018 has been quite a year for Mahira Khan, from 7DMI , to her website launch and representing Pakistan at L’Orèal Paris, there’s been alot on her plate. And just when all were intrigued about whats in store for her in 2019 after “The legend of Maula Jatt“, Pakistani Cinema exclusively broke the news of Mahira Khan staring in Momina Duraid’s next production “Superstar” alongside Bilal Ashraf.

In a recent interview with “The News” Mahira further disclosed more about “Superstar” and her other major highlight these days, “The Legend of Maula Jatt” and it has pretty much satisfied our curious selves about these two projects.

Talking about “Superstar” she revealed “It’s romance in its essence, but it’s a story about faith, failure, success and two people who meet each other at a strange time, basically wanting the same thing out of life, but how they want it is very different,”.

Talking about the films basic theme she said “It’s a passion project. People ask me why I’ve taken it up, but I can’t help it, my heart is in it”. While the film still awaits a release date dealing with idea of stardom in Pakistan, it seems like “Superstar” is something different coming our way.


While Superstar has her in a major role where we can expect her grabbing the maximum screen time Mahira alerts us to not expect much of her in “The Legend of Maula Jatt”  “I honestly wish I had a bigger role, because I don’t think I’ve enjoyed myself on any set this much. Mukho is very cute, but a badass too. Mukho is just a lot of fun, in a very intense film”.

And how could she not be questioned about  talk of the town “The humsafar reunion” with Fawad Khan.
“It’s also one of the reasons I was iffy. It’s not a romance so it’s not about Maula and Mukho,” she explained, “which is why all our fans should know this is not what they’ve been waiting for, there’s no twirling or barish. But it can be something else, which they didn’t expect, even if it’s for a little bit we’re on-screen; it’s both of us back together, which is a huge thing. I hope that somewhere, we’ve done justice to what they’ve given us.”

Well that might not be a satisfying news for fans but we sure are excited for whatever little we can see of these two together after a hiatus of these many years and hope that future holds something bigger, something enough to satisfy our longing of seeing them together in a proper romantic flick maybe!
For now we wish the diva best of best for “The Legend of Maula Jatt”, “Superstar” and everthing that awaits her!

Ghulam Qadir

Written by Ghulam Qadir

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