First Poster of Hamza Firdous and Hajra Yamin starrer Crime Thriller ‘Aashiq’ is Out and it has us Intrigued

A poster of upcoming Pakistani film titled “Aashiq” popped up on our screens just last night and left us with many questions. The poster features a boy who is holding a book in one hand and pencil in other and miseries of his life evident from his face. There is also written ‘A to Z’ which possibly is suggesting that it’s based on the events of somone’s entire life. What contradicted with the poster was film’s title which is an Urdu word “Aashiq”..

To solve the riddles we approached the writer of the film, Ali Moeen who has been affiliated with TV industry from past two decades, “It’s a crime thriller drama, that narrates the story of a 9 years old ‘Aashiq’, who belongs to an underpriviliged family. It’s based on the events and sufferings he goes through in persuit of his dreams that contradict with the soceity he is born in”, reveals Ali while speaking to Pakistani Cinema.

Ali, although hinted that film discusses some taboo subject which we as society are habitual of brushing under the carpet, he however refrained from giving away any word on what this ‘taboo’ subject actually is, for now.

Film is written by Ali Moeen and Asad Mumtaz and is directed by Asad himself, whose art film “Riyasat Mein Riyasat” made rounds to many international festivals and won quite a few accolades. Asad has also worked extensively as DOP for many TV projects, including this year’s much awaited drama serial “Alif” by Haseeb Hassan.

Cast of the film includes some prominent names of industry such as Hajra Yamin, Hamza Firdous, Saleem Mairaaj and Adnan Shah Tipu with another big name yet to be finalized. While it is going to be third film for Hajra after “Maan Jao Na” and “Pinky Memsaab”, it will mark debut of Hamza Firdous who was brought to lime light through 2017’s hit drama serial “O Rangreza” and has done several TV projects since then.

“Aashiq” is scheduled to go on floors in March and its makers hope and plan to take it to international film festivals and then get it a comercial release later this year.

Written by Azadar Kazmi


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