Jug(Art): An Ode to the Mean Streets of Karachi

Two weeks after the official teaser release Nehr Ghar Films released their first song for the movie ‘Laal Kabootar’ this weekend, it pretty much has been ruling the social media right now because of it’s catchy hip hop inspired music with lyrics penned by by Sabir Zafar, Salman Khatak and Taha Malik. Being a film coming directly from the streets of Karachi, Laal Kabootar already has the audience waiting for it and now Jug(Art) teases the patience and leaves you craving for more.

The lyrics of the song explore and motivate a young man’s struggle who aims to break free from chaotic life in Karachi and go to Dubai .Many of us would find them relatable to our situation as a struggling person.
Shot in Karachi the video is right in the Karachi feels with nothing forced , it captures the true rawness and reality of Karachi with people living lives larger than themselves.

From trailer and now the first song Laal Kabootar is definitely just the ticket to unorthodoxy it promised to be.

Anum Naeem

Written by Anum Naeem


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