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Wrong No. 2’s Trailer Promises Fun Filled, Masala Entertainment!

Director Yasir Nawaz and producer Hassan Zia have over the years developed a certain brand of cinema that packs in enough slapstick comedy and larger than life action with a fun-filled storyline to ensure good value for your price of admission. The duo is now back with their latest project “Wrong No. 2” scheduled to hit theaters this coming Eid-ul-Fitr.

The film’s trailer shows the ever dependable Javed Sheikh, playing a somewhat quirky character from the northern areas of the country, with a daughter (Neelam Munir) who is romantically involved with someone he does not approve of. Hence a scheme is devised where the film’s knight in shining armour Sami Khan enters the picture as Neelam’s on screen bodyguard. The inevitable happens and the two fall in love, and the trailer shows well-shot montages where the two are journeying and romancing through beautiful panoramas of interior Sindh.

The over two minute long preview gives the impression of a film that will be high on comedic value, with characters played by Javed Sheikh and Mahmood Aslam leading the laughs. Also featured prominently is director Yasir Nawaz playing a sketchy character who makes plenty of advances on the domestic help played by Sana Fakhar. That whether this condones domestic sexual harassment is another issue altogether. The humour in the film seems to be of the laugh-a-minute variety, with the one liners more often than not hitting their mark. And as is true for most of Yasir Nawaz’s projects, the music is hummable features diverse genres, with everything from a wedding dance number to a romantic ballad.

“Wrong No. 2” promises to be a colorful, high on comedy and entertainment laugh-a-thon that will not disappoint those who are seeking lighthearted fare this Eid. It features a talented cast, with the lead pair’s (Sami Khan and Neelam Munir’s) on screen chemistry working quite well. We are definitely looking forward to watching it this Eid!

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