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Box Office: ‘Chhalawa’ Crosses Rs. 150 Million Milestone in Pakistan

Released on Eid-ul-Fitr, “Chhalawa” has now entered its third week of steady box office run. The Wajahat Rauf directed film is his first to release on Eid and fortunately the film has taken good benefit of an extended Eid weekend. The first week of Mehwish Hayat starrer surpassed all pre release expectations with mammoth box office numbers. Film has now slowed down in Karachi and Rawalpindi/ Islamabad and is limited to one or two shows at each venue in these circuits while it still has got some hold in Punjab, its target market.

As per Entertainment Pakistan, “Chhalawa” closed its second week with 2.35 crore after the king sized first week of 12.45 crores. With such an overwhelming and extended first week, this fall on week two was always on cards. Film had already surpassed the lifetime business of Wajahat’s previous two films “Karachi Sey Lahore” and “Lahore Sey Agay” and now film has achieved another milestone as it has become first film of Wajahat Rauf to cross Rs 150 Million at Pakistani box office. Film has just crossed the 15 crore mark on its third Friday.

“Chhalawa” stars Mehwish Hayat, Zara Noor Abbas, Azfer Rehman and Asad Sidiqui in lead roles. With the huge launching numbers of this film, Mehwish has once again proved that she is an ultimate box office star. Unlike all her previous films that relied on country’s leading bankable male actors, this one was solely relying on Mehwish’s stardom and now with the box office success of this film, Mehwish has established herself as somone who has the potential to lead a film solely on her shoulders as the solo lead of women centric films in future. Besides Mewish, “Chhalawa” is Zara Noor Abbas’s show and the girl is definitely going to go places with such a successful debut on her portfolio.

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