Review: ‘Kataksha’ is a Decent Effort to Revive Indie Cinema in Pakistan

Kataksha branded as Pakistan’s first psycological horror film will leave you inquisitive and asking for more from the genre in future. Written and directed by Abu Aleeha, the film takes a path more traveled by in horror genre i.e, a car journey featuring four colleagues with well defined characters of ‘Saleem Meraj, playing a driver relatively more mannered than ‘Salu’. the DOP played by Kaism Khan a rather dual charactered guy who gets quite reasoned at times and cheesy at others. Kiran Tabeer playing ‘Nazish’ is charming and successful woman in her field with a disturbed past and ‘Aiman’, played by debutant Namrah Shahid is an audcious girl who doesn’t really give a damn about what people perceive.

Before the psycological horror drama unfolds, the film features some scenes talking about exploitation of female (sex) in work environment, and calls out our societal tendency of ascribing character of women with their wardrobe, which may come across as hard hitting to some and combative to others. Film starts with few dry sequences but soon when the characters arrive to Katas Raaj, film at once gets intresting and from there on it then keeps you hooked to seats for the next hour.

Shot on the eye catching locations of Kallar Kahar and Katas Raj with some exceptional VFX, sound design and lighting, the film at  moments doesn’t look like an indie film made on a limited budget which is less then a crore. The story telling of the movie is engaging, with writing that is natural and keeps you guessing for the most part but you’ll find some parts to be dragged and the narrative that fails to be delivered properly towards the end. But what’s more necessary for the horror genre is to leave you disturbed and scared and on that front the movie delivers.

From performance standpoint what’s required from the actors of a horror flick is the guise of scare, concern and confusion and on that front all the actors are commendable. Special mention to Salim Mairaj who is effortless and organic and is a treat to watch onscreen while Mubeen Gabol and Namrah Shahid in their screen debut manage to stand out for their apt expressions. Kasim Khan, who debuted with “Thora Jee Le” has grown as actor and that you get to notice in this film. Kiran Tabeir looks beautiful but seems wasted as with somone else giving voiceover to her character has just ruined the otherwise decent performance.

Cutting to the chase, “Kataksha” is one noteworthy first attempt in psychological horror genre. A decent one time watch which will for sure stay with you for a while after watching. Film has already launched at box office with a decent start and if it continues at the same pace and secures the Hit status, this might restore the indie cinema in Pakistan which otherwise has been struggling infront of big budgeted and TV channels supported films.

Kataksha Movie Review
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“Kataksha” is one noteworthy first attempt in psychological horror genre. A decent one time watch which will for sure stay with you for a while after watching.

Written by Ghulam Qadir

Ghulam Qadir an Engineer by profession , is a content writer at Pakistani Cinema who aspires to see local cinema ascent to its full potential .
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