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Box Office Update: ‘Baaji’ Takes in Decent Numbers in its First Week

Meera’s Comeback flick Baaji has taken in decent numbers at the box office over it’s first week.

The film had already taken in nearly 3 crores at the box office over it’s first weekend and it continued to mint money over the weekdays following the weekend. The film now stands at 4.5 crores and is expected to inch near the 6 crore mark this weekend.

Daily Breakdown

Here’s film’s estimated daily breakdown, reported by Entertainment Pakistan.

Friday.. 90 lacs
Saturday.. 95 lacs
Sunday.. 95 lacs
Monday.. 50 lacs
Tuesday.. 42 lacs
Wednesday.. 40 lacs
Thursday.. 38 lacs
Total:  4.5 crores

About Second Weekend

The Saqib Malik directed has bagged good shows in second weekend but film’s performance will be affected by two big events this weekend, the Pakistan v Bangladesh cricket match on Friday as well as the release of Marvel’s follow up to Avenger’s Endgame, “Spiderman: Far from Home”.

The film is expected to struggle against these odds but it will ultimately profit from the influx of filmgoers that come to see Spiderman.

Yousuf Mehmood

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