Nache Ja Song Ready Steady No

‘Nache Ja’ from “Ready Steady No” will make you want to dance your feet off

After pulling off “Baaji”, Amna Ilyas is geared up to set the screens on fire again on 19th of July with the release of “Ready Steady, No” alongside debutant Faisal Saif .

The release of an upbeat wedding number from the film, ‘Nache Jaa’, uncloaks the sorcery of choreography and actors that can make a low-budget movie look huge. The festive  song is sung by Asrar who has previously lent his vocals to the super hit songs like Afghan Jalebi from “Phantom” and Shakar Wandan Re from “Ho Man Jahan. The beautifully penned lyrics by Hisham Bin Munawwar are aptly complementing the music that is produced by Hassan Badshah and hailed by Baqir Abbas.

The song’s visuals exhibit all the colors of a typical Punjabi wedding performed on a radiant set. You can’t take your eyes off the flaunting Amna Ilyas and Faisal Saif who will make you want to dance your feet off . The chemistry between the actors is so captivating that you can’t focus on the song itself even though the supporting roles are done so flawlessly.

As rom-com has proved to be the most go-to genre for Pakistani audience, the film may earn reasonably good number at boxoffice.

Catch the movie this 19th July at Cinemas nationwide.

Fareeha Wahid

Written by Fareeha Wahid


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