Mohsin Abbas Case

With All the Guns Pointing Towards Him, Mohsin Abbas Haider Finally Responds

Social, print and electronic media is ablaze with the news of domestic abuse allegations of Mohsin Abbas Haider by his wife, since yesterday. The matter came to limelight when his wife posted a pictures of her bruised face with detailed account of how she was abused by Mohsin.

To help her allegations many other celebrities came forward, one was Dua Malik, who shared that she has, “seen him beating the shit out of his wife on the road and where not.” she also mentioned Mohsin’s relationship with Nazish Jahangir mentioning how Fatema always held back from confrontation to save their marriage.

The emerging actress Yashma Gill pointed out that she had been friends with Nazish and has no doubt about her having hands in the Mohsin Fatema conflict.

Gohar Rasheed further gave strength to Fatema’s statement referring to his friend who once rushed Fatema to hospital after she was beaten by Mohsin.

Mohsin’s Press Conference:

Mohsin has now come up with a press conference to narrate his stance. Placing his hand on the Holy Quran throughout, he said that it would be shameful for him if he lies in this condition.

Explaining his married life relationship, Mohsin said that soon after their marriage they realized that both were not mentally compatible. During four years of their relationship it was seldom that the two lived together. Terming it as a toxic relationship he added that their relationship had reached a point where he wanted a divorce but abstained from it due to baby.

He further said that during her first pregnancy Fatema’s own siblings used to tell him that the child wasn’t ‘Mohsin’s. Recalling an incident from 16th and 17th July, Mohsin said that Fatema appeared in his house demanding the house to be on her name and how her family often abused and threatened him.

Responding to Fatema’ s allegations of being an irresponsible father towards his son, Mohsin said that he bearded all of Fatema’s expenses during pregnancy.

Regarding the pictures of Fatema’s battered face that stunned all, Mohsin dismissed her claims completely saying that all the marks were from 2018 when she fell from stairs and rather said that he had got marks on his hands as result of his recent squabble with Fatema.

“ Hum humesha aurat card he kyun kheltay hain? Har roti hui aurat sachi nahi hoti ”, he added referring to the respect they are taught to pay to women in their family. He also explained on his absence at Fatemas childbirth time, saying that he wasn’t in the city due to some work commitments.

Now that both the point of views are public, its easier for us to try to understand things. But no amount of justification can be enough to cover abuse of any kind whether it be verbal or physical.

Ghulam Qadir

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