Box Office: The Pakistani Box Office Roars Loud as ‘The Lion King’, ‘Baaji’, and ‘Ready Steady, No!’ Mint Millions

The two local releases, “Baaji” and “Ready Steady, No!” have been joined by “The Lion King” to mint millions at the local box office. “The Lion King” emerged as the winner this weekend, while the other two made respectable totals.

The Lion King

“The Lion King” made 5 crore at the Pakistani box office over this weekend, drawing droves of nostalgia lovers who remember the classic from the 90s. The “live action” remake of the animated classic inspired joy and sadness alike among its audiences. Film has managed to collect over 1 crore on Monday and is the first choice of cine-goers, this week.

Ready Steady, No!

The new local release, “Ready Steady, No!”, also minted respectable numbers at the box office. The comedy flick has gotten great reviews all around, but it doesn’t have the giant appeal that other comedies like “JPNA” or “Load Wedding” do. Hence, it was only able to mint 80 lacs on the weekend. Yet, if word of mouth picks up, it may yet gross 2-3 crore as the film has managed to gain good reviews by most of leading publications.


Among holdover films, “Baaji” remains third choice this week. The Saqib Malik’s film continued its steady growth through its fourth weekend, minting a total of 50 lacs. Thus, its total was brought to 10.25 crore. The film has emerged as the fourth highest grossing Pakistani film at the domestic box office this year. It is on the road to grossing 12 Cr in total.

Courtesy: All box office numbers mentioned above are estimates reported by Entertainment Pakistan

Yousuf Mehmood

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