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Hareem Farooq Tells Why “Heer Maan Jaa” Stands Out Among Other Eid Releases

After pulling off projects like “Janaan”, “Parchi” and “Diyar-e-Dil”, Hareem Farooq is all set to set the screens on fire again with her upcoming project “Heer Maan Ja” releasing this Eid-ul-Azha.

To know the inside deets on the film we had a quick chat with Hareem, the leading lady and co-producer of the film and here is what she had to say about her film.

Pakistani Cinema (PC): Tell us something about your character “Heer” and how similar and different Heer is from Hareem?

Hareem: “Heer is a really innocent and a peppy character whose life has changed due to a turning point in her life. Her some of the habits are very similar to mine and some are not that I can’t disclose right now, also, her relationship with her father is pretty similar to mine”

PC: What you enjoy more acting or production?

Hareem: “I enjoy both equally”.

PC: As “Heer Maan Ja” has ensemble cameos from the fraternity, so, how difficult it was being a producer to bring them all for a project?

Hareem: “It wasn’t that difficult because everyone was kind enough to do so as some of them were my friends as well, so it’s been a pretty smooth journey for me in this context Alhamdulillah”

PC: Describe “Heer Maan Ja” and what makes it stand out among other Eid releases?

Hareem: “It’s a family rom-com and has been packaged really well. You’ll experience a roller coaster of emotions as it has action, comedy, romance, drama and you’ll get to see lots of great and peppy songs. The sweet and cute couple in the film, Heer and Veer, is going to be another catch. Also, there are a lot of cameos and a lot of people like Michael Zulfiqar, Saleem Meraj and Amna Sheikh are doing such kind of characters for the first time. Abid Ali is back in the new-age cinema after so long, so, there is so much happening in the film but the foremost thing is that you can watch it with your family which is really important”.

PC: What’s next for Hareem after “Heer Maan Jaa”? Any film?

Hareem: “Yes, there is one film production but can’t disclose much about it at the moment and also a few dramas as well”

Heer Maan Ja” is releasing in cinemas all over this Eid ul Azha and we wish all the best to the team behind it and are looking forward to some amazing content to hit cinemas this Eid.

Fareeha Wahid

Written by Fareeha Wahid


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