The Donkey King

Box Office: ‘The Donkey King’ Lifetime Business in South Korea

Earlier we at Pakistani Cinema reported about “The Donkey King” becoming first Pakistani movie to release in South Korean theaters. And we were all pretty much interested in how this first offering from Pakistani cinema fairs at this new market for our films. Well, the numbers are now out and the movie has shown decent footfalls in the country minting a total of 81.2 Lacs in a lifetime spanning over eleven days. Starting of quite well in the opening weekend the movie failed to hold ground in the weekdays to follow.

Here is a breakdown of its total earnings.

Wed: Aug 28, 2019… $3,976

Thu:  Aug 29, 2019… $4,089

Fri:    Aug 30, 2019… $4,863

Sat:  Aug 31, 2019… $16,867

Sun:  Sep 01, 2019… $15,351

Mon: Sep 02, 2019… $968

Tue:  Sep 03, 2019… $1,191

Wed: Sep 04, 2019… $14

Thu: Sep 05, 2019… $299

Fri:   Sep 06, 2019… $627

Sat: Sep 07, 2019… $44

TOTAL…  $51,799- (81.2 lacs PKR)

Considering that this was the first movie from Pakistan to ever land into this previously unknown territory for our films, these numbers are decent enough for other filmmakers to consider South Korea as a potential territory for their films in days to come.

Yousuf Mehmood

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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