Mahira Khan appointed UNHCR 's Goodwill Ambassador for Pakistan

Mahira Khan appointed UNHCR ‘s Goodwill Ambassador for Pakistan

It seems like there is no stopping for Mahira Khan. In yet another first she is recently appointed UNHCR’s Goodwill Ambassador for Pakistan. As part of her responsibility, she will be speaking for the rights of 1.4 million registered Afghan Refugees in Pakistan and will be joining UN Refugee Agency.

At the appointment ceremony held In Islamabad Mahira felt privileged to have been chosen to serve this noble cause. She expressed her pride on being born in a country hosting millions of Afghan Refugees who were uprooted from their country 40 years ago.

“I feel proud that my country has shown such generosity towards three generations of Afghan refugees,” she said, adding, “by becoming UNHCR National Goodwill Ambassador, I wish to stand behind such incredible acts of hospitality and humanity,”

She had earlier visited Afghan Refugees in Peshawar as a part of high profile UN delegation last year and describing her interaction with the refugees Mahira told how she saw hope and aspirations in their eyes. “When I look into the eyes of refugees across our country, I see incredibly strong people filled with hopes and dreams,” she said. “Like you or me, there is nothing that a refugee can’t do.”

We at Pakistani Cinema wish Mahira Khan luck for her work for this all-important noble cause.



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