Money Back Guarantee: “Script is the Hero of our Film”, Says Producer Shayan Khan

“Money Back Guarantee”, starring what looks like the biggest star cast in the recent years of Pakistani cinema, is surely one of the most anticipated movies of the year for many reasons. The biggest being Fawad Khan’s return to silver screens after a hiatus. The movie’s shoot recently got wrapped up and we got ahold of the film’s executive producer Shayan Khan himself, who has also acted in the film, to get more insight on this exciting project.

Talking about what made Shayan choose this particular project to invest on among countless others, he says, “Faisal came to me with this script, he basically pinched me in. I had read around 30 or more scripts before giving a go to this one, the biggest reason being the originality of the script”.
Shayan praised the captain of the ship, Faisal Qureshi, for his writing and the way he helmed this project. He particularly seemed highly confident about the script by Faisal. In his words, “script is the hero of our film as it offered enough room to every actor to play some significant role in carrying the story forward”.

Talking about the storyline he revealed that “its an all in all comedy flick with different dimensions. It also features a bank heist towards the climax”. And that’s where the movie’s title comes from, we guess.

The film features crème de la crème of the industry, like Fawad Khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Ayesha Omer, Gohar Rasheed, Shafaat Ali, Ali Safina, and Kiran Malik and cameo appearances of Wasim Akram and Sheneira Akram. Considering such a stellar cast involved with the film, one may wonder how difficult it must be for producers to manage them all under one roof. However, Shayan was all praises for his star cast, saying “Every one has given their hundred percent to the project. All the actors used to be on time at the sets. For that reason we were always ahead of our schedules and the film got shot in a record time”. He also lauded Fawad Khan for his professionalism, saying “Fawad was such an inspiration for the rest because he always arrived on sets before time”.

There were rumors of Mahira Khan making a special appearance in the film. To let the cat out of the bag we asked him about that to which he informed that Mahira couldn’t do it because of date issues.
Shayan made his cinema debut with 2018’s Eid-ul-Fitr release “Na Band Na Barati”. While comparing his debut project to “Money Back Guarantee”, he exclaimed, “It was like moving from level 0 to level 100 for me, literally!”

“Money Back Guarantee” is set to clash at box office this Eid with ARY Film’s “Tich Button” and awaited Hollywood title “Fast and Furious 9”. Talking about the clash, Shayan felt rather confident. He says, “Eid brings with it added footfall and going by the hype I’m not worried about it”.

Produced by Shayan and co produced by Faisal Qureshi and Mikal Zulfikar, “Money Back Guarantee” will be released in cinemas across Pakistan by IMGC Distribution Club on Eid-ul-Fitr.

Written by Ghulam Qadir

Ghulam Qadir an Engineer by profession , is a content writer at Pakistani Cinema who aspires to see local cinema ascent to its full potential .
Escaping to the realm of words , films , music and travel is what he does to fight the routine. (Email : [email protected])


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