Balochi Film DODA Release Delayed Due to Coronavirus

Another day, another film release postponed. DODA, the first Balochi film to hit cinemas in decades has been delayed due to the coronavirus. Originally slated to release in April, the film about an underdog boxer fighting to succeed has been delayed indefinitely.

The film’s Facebook page released this statement to its fans:

The film about a boxer from Balochistan fighting in the mean streets to overcome adversity seems to have all the right ingredients. It obviously reminds one of Shah, the biopic about Pakistan’s legendary Olympian boxer, but this story is entirely fictional.

Once DODA is finally given a new release date when the global coronavirus pandemic ends, it may well be a fresh voice added to the world of Pakistani Cinema. Until then, as the team of DODA have said, “Stay strong, keep distance, wash your hands we shall pull through this.”

Yousuf Mehmood

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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