Hassan Tariq’s Cinema Is Still as Dazzling as It was Before

Today is the 38th death anniversary of legendary film director Hassan Tariq, one of the most accomplished directors in the history of Pakistani Cinema. Most of us know him for his aesthetic sense and sensitive filmmaking from Behan Bhai to Umrao Jan Ada to Anjuman.

His collaborations with his life partner, the effervescent Rani as well as with nearly every single superstar of that age have left his name etched into the tapestry of Pakistani film.

“Behan Bhai” is still known for its star cast and relatable story of lost family during the partition. “Anjuman” is still regarded as one of the most complete films ever, with Waheed Murad claiming it to be his best role.

Rani was of course immortalized in the roles that Hassan Tariq gave her. Before that she was known as a vamp in most films. Yet after Anjuman, she became Rani.

Hassan Tariq still influences many a filmmaker today. Asim Raza has said that he still chases Hassan Tariq and Rani’s Umrao Jan Ada and it showed in his latest feature, “Parey Hut Love”.

Hassan Tariq’s mark on film is indelible and it will stay that way for many days to come.



Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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