Chambelli Short Film

Chambelli : A Must Watch Horror Short Film

Chambelli, a promising short film directed by Awais Sulaman under the banner of See Prime, Featuring the uber-talented Aijaz Aslam, alongside Zoya Nasir and Zohreh Amir. This short film shows us the true potential of Pakistani cinema. This short film will have you gripping to your pillow, with so many unexpected twists and drama in just 19 minutes. Awais Sulaman has delivered amazing content. This is something to watch with your family! It may be short but it leaves an effect on you. The whole 19 minutes, your eyes will be stuck to the screen waiting to see what will happen next.

This short film is just like an old-folk horror story that we would hear from our grandparents all the time. We do not want to spoil it for you but it is more than just horror. Some scenes of the movie will have you thinking if the movie is a satire version of horror films and we mean this in a positive way. The actors in this short film have done commendable acting. Tanveer Abbas as Karmu Chacha played the role well and added a lot of spooky mystery to the plot.

The short film is about a couple that comes to a guest house to blow off some steam and spend quality time together but their plans are quickly interrupted by the history that Karmu Chacha reveals about the guest house. This short film is filled with horror, satire, and drama. We assure you that Chambelli will certainly not disappoint you!

You can watch the Short Film here :

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