Ab Buss Short Film

Sanam is back with a short film on motorway incident

Sanam Saeed is back in the game with her latest short film made for a cause. Her recently featured short film on YouTube, “Ab Buss”, has raised silent questions on the uncommendable motorway rape case that happened on 13 October ’20 and women’s safety.

The short film is directed to portray the true fears and tears that shatter a lot of women every day and a threat to her basic right to security and freedom. A single dialogue in the film sums up an over-all movie; “Alone woman is a responsibility and not an opportunity”. It is another great contribution to end rape culture in society through film.

The short film is produced by Ali Hassan and Mahib Bakhari under the banner of See Prime and hailed by Talat Mohsin who is also playing a male lead role in the short film along with a child star Tanisha Shameem and Sanam Saeed. All three actors have left an impression in just 10 minutes through their outstanding performance with just a few dialogues and leave a viewer with so many questions.

Shahid Dogar as a writer did a great job by keeping it short and crisp. The well-scripted story along with the other important elements like photography, music, and editing, makes a viewer involved in it and leaves with food for thought in the end.

As Sanam always loves taking characters that empower women, she once again proved that the roles played wholeheartedly always makes a difference.

You can watch the Short Film here :

Written by Fareeha Wahid


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