Naseeba Review

Naseeba is a love story of a taxi driver

If you are in search of some light entertainment in short time, we would definitely recommend you to follow see prime as it’s coming up with back to back light yet profound stories portrayed beautifully that leaves you speechless. Naseeba is another 20 minutes long short film. It has Mohsin Abbas Haider playing a role of a taxi driver (Khawar Sabir) and Mahenur Haider as a small-town girl (Naseeba). The film talks about fate, destiny, love and how some people take advantage of new talent trying to get into the industry. Naseeba is a tale of two people who tried their luck and fall in love with each other. Naseeba is now available for viewer’s on See Prime’s YouTube channel.

Both, Naseeba and Khawar, have hidden talent of mesmerizing vocals which connect them and they get to explore love, destiny, humanity, innocence and loyalty together. This cute short story is written by Sohail Javed, who was also behind ‘Naam Kya Rakha?’ which is one of See Prime’s highly acclaimed short films. It has been scripted by Sheraz Sheikh, and co-produced by Ali Hussain and Mahib Bukhari.

Written by Fareeha Wahid


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