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Khel Khel Mein : Motion Poster Promises A High Voltage Historical Drama

Filmwala Pictures just dropped the motion poster of their next venture the historical drama “Khel Khel Mein’’.

With fighter jets and armies battling around, the 37 seconds long motion poster is everything intense and enthralling. It promises high intensity war backdrop to the story, and leaves you asking for more.

The film is a youthful take on the historical events from 1971 pertaining to the fall of Dhaka . It boasts a stellar cast with a fresh film pair Bilal Abbas Khan and Sajal Aly alongside industry veterans i.e, Javed Sheikh, Marina Khan , Samina Ahmed and Manzar Sehbai .

Just like most of the projects from Nabeel and Fizza, perfectionist duo, this project too has an educational aspect to it targeting the youth.  ‘’Khel Khel Mein is our take on telling history in fresh and engaging way to the youth so that they it be learned from and remembered’’ says producer Fizza Ali Meerza in the press release.

The timing of the movie is also important since it would be 50 years to Dhaka fall this December 2021. It would be interesting to see the overall treatment of such an important and controversial subject onscreen. Its also refreshing to see a movie coming out on such an issue of national importance that has a lot to teach us as a nation. And that seems to be the very aim of the team behind the film as the poster reads ‘’If history were taught in the form of stories it would never be forgotten’’

The motion poster has got our excitement go through the ceiling and is the most promising thing to come to pass in a while.

Keep checking out this space for more on the movie.

Written by Ghulam Qadir

Ghulam Qadir an Engineer by profession , is a content writer at Pakistani Cinema who aspires to see local cinema ascent to its full potential .
Escaping to the realm of words , films , music and travel is what he does to fight the routine. (Email : [email protected])


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