Udham Patakh

Five Reasons Why “Udham Patakh” Looks to be a Good Weekend Movie to Watch

The trailer of upcoming horror comedy “Udham Patakh” left quite a mark with its very Pakistani take on the zombie sub-genre of horror cinema, that too with quite a few comic punchlines. As it turns out, this Abu Aleeha directed venture will be hitting the theaters this coming week, and here are 5 reasons why we think you should check it out in the theaters!

1. A fright fest with some laughs

Humor can surprisingly complement horror rather well, and who doesn’t like tension building up in the theater only to be released by a well-timed comedy sequence? This is exactly what “Udham Patakh” sets out to do: to offer the audience a rollercoaster ride of hilarity and scares in a fun-filled entertaining package. The unique comic situations in the film are said to add much to its overall appeal as one of Pakistan’s few zombie films. The fact that it’s the first Pakistani horror comedy to hit the theaters is among its USP.

2. Scares and thrills aplenty

That does not mean the film doesn’t intend to offer its set of thrills and scares. On the contrary, the zombies in “Udham Patakh” are quite creepy as the half-dead on the prowl to take over the world do look rather macabre. The blood, gore, and intestines these ghastly beings from six feet under will be feasting on screen might not be for those faint of heart to look at. And that will be in no small part due to clever use of cinema prosthetics and some nifty post-production.

3. Political satire?

Watching the trailer, one gets the feeling that the film has more to offer than the storyline which unfolds on screen. There were quite a few politically flavored dialogues such as one character commenting that the ‘awaam is being turned into zombies,’ which makes us wonder if this is actually political satire in the garb of a comic zombie film. The film should offer more answers.

4. New blood (not exactly for the zombies, though)

Pakistani cinema is all the better with fresh blood coming in and enriching it with its new ideas and a different approach to popular genres. “Udham Patakh” stars new female leads along with a coterie of well-regarded NAPA and theater actors such as Syed Ali Rizvi, Shabana Hassan and Taha Humayun. The mix of new talent along with established actors like Faizan Sheikh (seen last in Heer Maan Ja) is something to look forward to.

5. Entertainment for the post-covid period

To sum up, “Udham Patakh” promises to offer an interesting mix of frights and laughs, with some seemingly tongue-in-cheek lines thrown in for a good measure. With life returning to normal after the pandemic this might just be what the doctor ordered!

Udham Patakh” is produced by Javed Ahmed Kakepoto under the banner of K.K. Films. It will be hitting the screens on December 10. Stay tuned to PakistaniCinema.net for the latest on the film and a lot more.

Written by Faisal Ali H

I work as an economist and maintain an active interest in Pakistani cinema.


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