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In Conversation with Ahsan Khan: About “Chakkar”, “Fraud” and Much More



Ahsan Khan is undoubtedly one of the most renown faces of the industry. From his critically acclaimed TV serials to his show “Time Out With Ahsan Khan”, which keeps churning out one thing or another for gossip mongers, the actor is never out of the news. These days his currently on-air serial “Qissa Mehar-Bano Ka” is making headlines for highlighting marital rape. Other than that, he has his plate full for the whole year with a number of projects. With two of his films “Chakkar” and “Rehbra” set to release later this year, he is currently shooting for a serial with Saba Qamar.

Pakistani Cinema got in touch with him to talk about his upcoming projects, the controversies his show has been creating and more. Here are excerpts of our conversation with the “Udaari” star.

Tell us about “Chakkar”, what exaclty is the genre of the film?

Ahsan: “It’s basically a murder-mystery with a feel-good vibe to it. It’s full of intrigue and suspense. We have mostly produced romantic-comedies and haven’t explored other genres in Pakistan much. So this is going to be a first of its kind film in this new age Pakistani cinema.”

What about your character in the film?

Ahsan: “I can’t reveal much about the character right now but one thing I must say that I really enjoyed doing this part. This character is much more than just a hero. I got to do some action sequences and there are a few songs too but all of it gels in very naturally with the narrative.”

How was your experience of working with Yasir Nawaz as it was your first project under his direction.

Ahsan: “I was offered scripts of two films at the same time and I chose this one because of Yasir. I had seen his previous work and he has done some amazing work, specially his serial “Chup Raho” is one of my favourites. So I always wanted to work with him, given a good script. And “Chakkar” turned out to be a good experience. He is such a dedicated director. He knows his craft; he was very clear about what he wanted in a scene, and we never got to do a re-take for any scene. It was such a smooth experience. Also I would like to praise Nida as producer. She too is very dedicated.”

And how was your experience of working with Neelam once again?

Ahsan: “It’s always fun with Neelam. I feel elated when I get to know that I will be working with Neelam. We have worked together in a film (Chuppan Chuppai) and few serials, specially “Qayamat” has been a mega success. People like to see us as a couple. So yes, it was a pleasure working with her. She has all the right ingredients that make for a perfect film heroine. And for this project, she has worked immensely hard and I’m sure people will love her work, once again.”

What you think is the USP of this film?

Ahsan: “It’s a paisa-vusool film. I am sure it will be worth spending money on, as it has all the right ingredients of a good film: good story, good direction, good camera-work, good songs. It’s a different genre but it’s an entertaining film at its core. You won’t want to miss any scene of it because of the suspense element.”

How has hosting “Tonight with Ahsan Khan” been so far? Many celebrities made headlines because of their appearance in your show because of some controversial comments. Has it ever brought you in conflict with someone from the industry?

Ahsan: “The show has been doing great. Most of the guests are my friends so we end up having a conversation where they get to give away some information that is new to the viewers. Thankfully, I have not made any enemy over my show as my intention is never wrong. If I have to ask some personal question, I discuss it before the camera rolls. And even after recording the show, if someone wants to get omitted a certain part of a conversation, we cut that part right away. I would never want my show to go viral at the expense of someone’s dignity.”

You are shooting for “Fraud” these days with Saba Qamar. Tell us something about it.

Ahsan: “It’s written by Zanjabeel Asim and directed by Saqib Khan. It’s a story of love and betrayal, revenge and remorse. This one is an IDream Entertainment production. I was offered some four to five scripts by Abdulla Seja (of IDream Entertainment) but somehow I could never work with them but this time I made sure to manage time because of the script, additionally the director, the cast, the whole team was so good that I couldn’t say no to it. And I am really enjoying working with Saba Qamar and Saqib; they both are amazingly talented people.

So what’s next for Ahsan Khan after “Chakkar”?

Ahsan: “Apart from “Chakkar”, there is also Amin Iqbal’s film “Rebara” with Ayesha Omar, it will be out soon this year. Then there are few serials: one is “Fraud” that you already know; it will air from ARY Digital and then another project that I have just finished is “Dekh Tamasha” with Hiba Bukhari. It’s an intense family drama based on characters with Pushtoon background and it’s shot at beautiful locations. It’s directed by my very favourite Ali Faizan who previously directed my two mega hit serials “Bandhay Ik Dour Sey” and “Qayyamat”. This one is with 7th Sky Entertainment and will air from Geo Entertainment.”

Written by Azadar Kazmi


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