Zaraar: Shaan Shahid Starrer Gets New Release Date Amid Floods in Pakistan


Shaan Shahid is undoubtedly one of those few actors from Lahore’s Lollywood industry who managed to remain relevant in the revived cinema and carved his fan following among the multiplex audiences with films like “Khuda Kay Liye” (2007), “Waar” (2013) and “Operation 021” (2014). While his directorial comeback in the new cinema with 2017’s “Arth: The Destination” failed at the box office, his next film “Zaraar” is still considered as one of the most awaited films for the year.

“Zaraar”, since its announcement, has faced many delays. The lead actor and director Shaan Shahid announced release date for the film several times but it kept on witnessing constant delays. Finally after locking Distribution Club as the distributor for the film, it was announced with a series of posters and teasers that the film will release on 23rd September. Later, the rumours surfaced that the film now would be released a week later, i-e, on 29th September. However, this too didn’t turn out to be the final release date.

The latest on the film is that “Zaraar” will now release on 25th of November, this year. The announcement was made through a press release by the distribution company citing the relief activities for flood victims as a reason to postpone the release. In the press release, the executive director of Distribution Club, Sheikh Abid, states that “Zaraar is a project that not only the people associated with the film industry but also the common fans are eagerly waiting for release. However, due to the involvement of artists in relief activities, the promotional campaign of the film was affected, due to which the release date has been postponed to 25th November”.

“Zaraar” will release simultaneously in cinemas across Pakistan, North America, United Kingdom and Middle East on 25th November.

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