Money Back Guarantee Review

“Money Back Guarantee” Trailer: Tongue-In-Cheek Humour and a Heist Worth Watching

The trailer for Fawad Khan’s next film “Money Back Guarantee is out. The film’s teaser hinted that this would be a comedy heist film with a lot of big names including the Sultan of Swing himself, Waseem Akram.

The film’s trailer showcased a lot of sequences leading up to a heist, with Fawad Khan, Kiran Malik, Mani, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Rambo, and Javed Sheikh featuring.

What’s most interesting about the trailer is that it seems to have a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor. It features a tagline: ‘From the Makers of…Nothing Yet’. And earlier, the teaser of the film featured the tagline: ‘Inspired by true events lifted from different movies’.

The makers of the film are showing us that they’re self aware. This is not going to be a path breaking heist film. It’s going to be a joyride, but wholly original. Yet, they’re owning that. Also, there’s a shot with someone waiting for a car with a joker mask; which is a scene directly taken from Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight”.

All this to say, the film promises entertainment for the masses, and perhaps a lot of self-aware comedy. One can only hope they nail the writing with this one. If they do, “Money Back Guarantee” can possibly be the first film from Pakistani cinema’s new wave to be branded a brilliant comedy.

Produced by Zashko Films, it will release on 21st of April, 2023.

Written by Yousuf Mehmood


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